Friday, 15 January 2016

Travel| Travel bucket list.

I've been lucky enough, to grow up in a family which loves to travel and go to different places each year and thus has inspired me in my love for travelling. It's something which brings me a sense of enjoy and excitement, I love being away from reality and stepping into someone else's world for a week or two. Therefore, it comes no surprise that I have a bucket list for places I'd love to visit over my lifetime.

1) Japan: Now the country in general looks AMAZING. Especially during the Cherry Blossom season, everything just looks incredible the colours, the nature and the buildings. I have grown up next door to a Japanese grand-daughter, and so from a young age I have been introduced to this culture that just seems so traditional and beautiful. Therefore it is a country which I would love to visit.

2) Cape Town: Don't get me wrong, I have always been put off by South Africa for the presumption that it is dangerous. However, either way, it looks amazing especially the views from Table Mountain and the beaches as well.

3) LA: I'm a massive beach person, I love being by the sea and walking along beaches and around. I have always heard the lifestyle of LA is fabulous and chill, the views and road trips along the sea front would be my ideal thing.

4) Hawaii: Like the previous one, I love beaches and the sea and the fact Hawaii is on a living volcano just makes it x10 cooler for a ex-Geography student. It looks like the type of place that is very laid back and chill and I feel like it's something I'd want to experience.

5) Singapore: I stop off at Singapore on my way to Australia and I just wished I had stayed long or extended my trip to stay in Singapore. Being an ex-British colony, I feel like I wouldn't have got too much of a culture shock, but enough to feel like I'm experiencing the asian culture. It looks like an amazing city, and stunning skyline. But also places such as the botanic gardens looks incredibly and would definitely be something I'd love to visit.

6) St Petersburg: Now studying history, means I'm a massive history geek and therefore without any explanation needed such a beautiful city with so much history would be my ultimate destination for a history/ culture filled holiday.

7) Iceland: The Northern lights are a MUST in my lifetime. I have seen pictures which look absolutely breathtaking and it would be incredible to see such a wonder in real life.

8) Salzburg: Now I'm a massive Sound of Music fan and would have the ultimate fan girl weekend if I had the chance to visit it. I have never been to Austria in general, but it looks beautiful, especially the picturesque mountains around.

9) Fiji: I'm a lover of anything tropical, I don't know if its the colour of the sea or the beaches or even the tropical food. But Fiji looks like an absolute dream, I don't think I could spend more than a week there but I feel like every place I turn, I'd be blown away by the colours and beauty.

10) Santorini: A little bit closer to home, Santorini, is a stereotypical place many people want to visit and I can see why, the views of the calm see and the iconic white buildings and blue roofs. I feel like the streets would be filled with character and would be so much fun exploring. It is almost on my door step, it would be rude not too!

Although these aren't all the places I'd love to visit in the world it does give me this sense of the big wide world is out there and waiting to be explored. This as inspired me to book something up and have something to look forward too. I love visiting places and taking my mind of reality, I am definitely the type of person to be so focused on what I'm doing. I forget the world is passing by.

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