Monday, 30 March 2015

 Food: Healthy Easting in the Past Week 

As you know I prefer healthy food compared to junk food, I just find it makes me feel better. Over the past week, I realised I have been eating a lot healthier than I have in the past. I think this is important, not forcing yourself to eat healthy but slowly getting into a healthy routine through by first healthy snacking then healthy breakfasts, dinners, lunches. 
I have taken pictures of everything I have eaten over the past week, but the 2 spontaneous photos are of some of the things I have been eating. 

I usually have porridge made with almond milk and topped with fresh fruit. 

Either Ryvita's, wraps or a salad (these include chicken, pepper, lettuce, cucumber) 

Salad with chicken and smoothie 
Stir fry's with chicken or just a plain vegetable one, salmon and vegetables or a pasta with a homemade sauce (freshly made) 
poached egg on my stir fry
Stir fry and quinoa 

Bevita biscuits or fruit and yoghurt. 

yoghurt and fruit

 Hope you had a good day

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Beauty: Sensationail Gel Kit

Just after Christmas I thought I'd treat myself to the gel at home nail kit, because well, as you know I love doing my nails and my friend persuaded me to try it out. 
Because there was a deal at the time for 10% off the website and 12 colours for the price of 8, I kind of went over board!
But anyway I thought I'd do a review of the gel kit, considering I've had it a couple of months. 

*Application: 3/5
To apply the gel set, it is actually really easy and is very similar to applying normal nail varnish. Therefore, when you have your first go you do think it is really easy to apply, but the finishing touch isn't the same. 
Even though the application is a simple method, it is a hard thing to master it- but once you have they actually look pretty professional. 
However, I must say that you MUST make sure the colour does not touch any of the skin around the nail as it is hard to come off. 

*Colours: 3/5 
There is a wide range of colours to choose from on the website, however I find when you you actually do put the colour on it sometimes doesn't match the same colour as the box. But nonetheless there are a wide range of colours to choose from and with having 12 colours to choose from I really couldn't go wrong. 

*Instructions:  4/5 
With the gel kit a card of instructions with how to apply and remove the gels I found very helpful and not only is there a card but the sensationail has their own you tube account in which it does a step by step in how to apply; making it a lot to make sure you don' t get it wrong. 

*Time: 5/5
I think this is one of the best things about this gel set, as it hardly takes any time at all, from start to finish it literally takes about 40 minutes and they are 100% dry when you have cured them for the last time; and therefore you don't have to worry about smudging them after (Result!!) 

Lasting: 2/5 
For me, this is the most disappointing part of it all, the gel's last for a maximum of a week for me however on my friend they last up to 3 weeks. I don't know if this is because I haven't mastered it yet or because I have weak nails (which the kit has made weaker) but they just don't seem to last. I was probably naive in thinking they'd last for more than 2 weeks but that didn't happen.

All in all, I am happy about the gel kit, although it wasn't what I was expecting and do wish I hadn't spent so much money on 12 colours first of all. Therefore, I would recommend you just start off with one or two and then build it up


Happy Sunday 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Fashion: Coordinating

I always find this time of year to be the worst for dress, as it is cold in the mornings but the afternoon is more like a light jacket type weather. 
Therefore, trying to dress for this season, is a bane every morning. Nevertheless I thought I'd show you my outfit from yesterday. I have recently found this playsuit in my wardrobe that was last season, but I realised why I never chucked it out; it has the cutest detailing on the front of the playsuit, and I just think its adorable to wear. 
I paired it with a white shirt and my suede jacket from Topshop, which is perfect for this time of year as it offers the warmth but is also cooler enough to wear in afternoon. Although, I don't get it out too often due to the chances of rain, and the fact I don't want to ruin it!
But below are some pictures of my outfit from yesterday. 

Excuse the selfies in the mirror! 

Playsuit:- Miss Selfridge
Shirt-: H&M
Jacket-: Topshop
Shoes-: Russell Bromley Kids. 

Hope you have a good day 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Beauty: Red Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick. 

I thought I'd talk about my favourite red lipstick today. Red lipstick is always a staple item in my rather limited make up collection, and I think I own more red lipsticks than other make up products! But the one Red Lipstick which I always use for a more night look is the Kate Moss Number 1 Rimmel Lipstick. I find this to be the prime red lip colour, it isn't too dark, too bright, too glossy or matte and is perfect. Therefore everything I like about this lipstick, it is my favourite. 
I find it super easy to apply, and because it also moisturises the lips, it isn't too dry when I first put it on to my lips, which is always a bonus- I hate those lipsticks that feel really uncomfortable (is that weird?!) 
There is nothing I can fault about this lipstick, and I think even after writing this blog post I might venture out and wear it tomorrow in my everyday look (something daring for me!) 

I'm even thinking of buying the Kate Moss Rimmel 111, which is a slightly dark red, let me know if you have tried that. 

Have a good day 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Baking: Tanya Burr's White Chocolate cookies. 

I love baking on a Sunday and today I made Tanya Burr's cookies (minus the milk chocolate) However, even though they were so so so good, they came out so big!! But nonetheless it doesn't matter what they look like its the taste that is important.
They were meant to be milk and white chocolate cookies, but I didn't have any milk chocolate at home so I thought I'd just do all white! 
However, instead of doing 200g of White chocolate and 200g of milk I just did 200g of White on its own, as I found that 400g of white chocolate might be a little sickly.
Altogether though, they were such nice cookies, and the perfect Sunday treat, however I do feel like I should go for a run or something now!! 
I would also say, make the cookies half the size of the photo below, because mine came out MASSIVE, which is a good thing but means they go so quickly!! 

1)200g of butter
2) 300g of caster sugar
3) 1 Egg
4)325g of self raising flour
5) Milk (I added it, but only a teeny tiny amount if the mixture looks dry)
6)200g of white chocolate

I added the video from Youtube, which shows Tanya baking the cookies. 

Have a good day 
Movie Review: The Imitation Game.

Sorry I haven't posted for 2 days, I have been so busy doing my essays, literally had no time to do anything else!! But anyway, I watched a film last night and thought I'd do something a little different, and give a review on the Imitation Game. 
This was one of those films that I desperately wanted to see in the cinema, but never got round to it, so I decided to watch it on Sky Box office last night with the whole family. 
If you love WW2 settings for films then this will be right up your street, also if you are interested in Bletchley Park, and the surveillance then again this would be the perfect film for you.
I loved Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Alan Turing, although I was slightly unsure on whether Alan Turing did suffer from asperges syndrome, which is what was hinted at in the film. Nonetheless it was a good portrayal of the man who broke Enigma code. Additionally, Keira Knightly also starred in it and again, I incredibly love her as an actress and think she is such a brilliant actress. 
The plot in itself was interesting and was the story of Alan Turring and the team of mathematicians trying to decode the Nazi's codes. This in itself is obviously an interesting story even if you aren't a history geek or a war geek. The flash backs to his childhood and later life, gave the film another dynamic.
But what I found interning wasn't just the basic story itself, but the message, 'Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine."
I thought this was one of the best quotes in the film and it really stuck out to me, throughout the film Alan is constantly victimised for being different and no one has any hope in his machine working, but in the end his machine is what helps to cut the war down by 2 years. 
But it made me think, it doesn't matter if you are different or have an ambition that people judge you for, if you do everything to try and succeed then you have one up on all the people who told you that you have failed. 

Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would definitely watch it again, for one of the hero's of the British Nation who many people have never heard of. It is a bit of a different post but I hope you enjoyed reading it! 

Hope you have a lovely Sunday 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Top Tips for University:

Since starting University in September, I have accumulated a number of useful methods to help me survive University and stay organised with my models so I thought I'd share my tips. I am no expert about this subject but you never know, maybe one of you will find my tips helpful for either studying at university or even for secondary school (A-levels are the worst thing ever invented!). 

1) Get a academic diary:
My academic diary is the biggest saviour to my University life, it has all of my deadlines written down and my daily to do list in which I can write down all of reading or research I need to carry out that day. It keeps me organised and therefore keeps me sane. 

2) Record the lectures: 
I have found this to be the most useful way to make sure I don't miss anything from my lecture, especially when you are focusing on writing the last point down, I completely zone out! I therefore re listen to my lecture later when I am copying up my notes on to my laptop so I can then add anything I have missed in. 

3) Find the best place for you to study:
For me I love to sit in the libraries to do my work, I'm a bit of a library worm I would literally spend all day everyday in there. However, that isn't for some people, if you prefer to sit in a coffee shop or do it in your room then that is up to you. It is what works for you and what helps you concentrate. 

4) Use a different note pad for each module:
Now for me, I write up lecture notes and then copy them up to my laptop, I know its more time consuming but it works best for me and makes me remember them better. Therefore, for each module I have a different note pad so I can keep everything separate, and its more organised.  

6) Have a stable bag, such as a backpack or satchel:
I think this one is important if you commute in (like me) as having to take books, notepads, food, and other stationary in everyday requires a stable bag. I have a satchel Tom Brown's backpack one, and this fits all of my notepads and books in for the day, as well as being very cute! But having a stable backpack is essential you don't want your bag breaking half way through the day. 

7) Keep up to date with out many books you have taken out the library:
I ALWAYS get a receipt from the library on the books I have taken out, as they say when they are due back. I pins these up on my desk so I'm fully aware of when I need to get either take books back or renew them. This way it stops me from paying fines due to overdue books and therefore is a lot better way to stay organised. 

8)Always be aware of your deadlines, and start your reading for research with plenty of time 
My deadlines for essays are written down in my planner, calendar and phone calendar so I literally cannot forget about them. This means I'm always fully aware of when my deadlines are so I can start preparing as soon as possible and don't have to rush it.

9) Upload your essay at least 1 day before the deadline
Now for some people this might seem crazy, but for some one like me who always worries this is essential. By uploading my essay a day before, I know it has been sent off and its done; lifting a weight off my shoulders and means the system isn't slow when everyone else is trying to upload theirs on the day. Its also a precaution incase the wifi is down, if its done its done I don't have to worry. 

10) Just have fun- don't be like (I haven't overcome my shyness and just sit on my own) 
This is probably one of the most important, as because I'm so shy I have found it hard to make friends and socialise, and this is weird for me as I'm actually a really chatty person when I'm comfortable around you. Therefore, don't do what I did and sit in the corner on the first couple of weeks at uni, get up and go and socialise. Because now, well it feels like a lot harder to go introduce yourself to people who are in friendship groups. I have become fully focused on the academic side of it and not the sociable side of it, which I'll probably regret later. 

Hope you have a good day 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Favourite TV Show.

Downton Abbey, I am proud to admit, my favourite tv show of all time seems to be Downton Abbey, I don't know what it is about it but I just love the show so much. 
Ever since it started back in 2010 I have been utterly and completely obsessed. I have even been to HighClere Castle where the show is filmed and it was probably one of the best things I have ever done!  I was always unsure of telling people at school that I enjoyed watching the show because they'd always say I was weird or an 'old lady' but recently I have discovered that there is nothing not good about it. 
The show over the years, is about a family's adapting to a new society during a turbulent change of time, and for me that is the most interesting thing about it. Not only do I just love the aristocratic life style (secretly wishing I was one!) but just the whole costume, storylines and characters are amazing. 

This show for me, has  not just made me love period dramas, but it has taught me not to listen to other people when it comes to your passions. Don't be afraid to be different to your friends when it comes to something that you love and they might completely hate- people shouldn't judge you just because you like something different. 

What's your favourite TV show?
Have a good day 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Monday: 5 things little things 'pick me up'.

Whenever I am feeling a little down I have 5  little things that really 'pick me up' and make me feel a little better; I don't have to do all of them but just one gives me a little bit of pleasure and I thoroughly enjoy to it. I think it is always the small things in life which are best for you and below are 5 of my favourite activities or things when I'm not feeling my usual happy self.

1) Fresh flowers- especially Tulips!
I ADORE fresh flowers, I always think they are so pretty and always make my room feel fresh and extra nice. I especially love them round this time of the year as they make me get into the Spring mood. But for me, there is nothing like fresh flowers putting them in a vase and just look at them. I have always loved Tulips and just think they are the most gorgeous flower, definitely my favourite! 

2) Baths. 
If I ever just want to relax after having a bad day or if I'm just not feeling myself a bath instantly relaxes me and makes me feel refreshed. I love lighting a candle, putting my favourite smell of bubble bath in, relaxing music and just soaking up the bath. It is perfect for me to just get away from the world and it just a super quick way for me to instantly feel a little better.  

3) Reading.
As you already know, I have a love for reading and this instantly is a pick up for me as it just gets me away from reality in which I can enjoy living in an imaginary world. I find it a relaxing thing to do, and if I just sit back and read an easy light hearted book, I usually feel a lot better after. 

4) Bike Rides.
Now for a very long time, I have always loved bike riding, especially in the summer. It is something me and my friend do every weekend in the Spring and Summer, it great for catch ups as well as just some light exercise. But its a brilliant pick me up, especially when its blue sky and I'm cycling around the lakes and along the river; being with nature is just therapeutic. 

Last but by no means least, baking. Since I was a young child I adore baking cakes, I believe I'm the next Mary Berry (which would never happen, haha!) but its something I thoroughly enjoy, I like to bake new and exciting things and without fail baking will always cheer me up. And not just because the end product is usually a yummy treat! 

What's your favourite thing to do when you are feeling down?
Have a good day! 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Beauty: Perfume. 

My favourite perfume, or should I say signature perfume is the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume. I absolutely adore the smell of it, I find it fresh but at the same time it has a particular sweetness to it. Like all Chanel perfumes, it is a heavy scent and therefore you only need the tiniest bit of it to create an impact. I first got it for my 16th Birthday and for 3 years it is the 'special perfume' I wear on special occasions but I feel like I should wear it more, but a the same time I don't want to waste it (sigh!-problems!)
I have found this perfume literally lasts all day and all night without needing anymore to touch up, and for me, who hates carrying around loads of stuff it is perfect. 
Yes Chanel is pretty pricey but it's well worth the money I think and there's something about wearing Chanel as a girl. it almost makes you feel special! (or maybe that's just me being crazy!) 
I got the 100ml which was £95.50. only because the lovely lady in the shop pointed out the value for money compared to the 50ml which was £67.50. Basically £30 for an extra 50ml!!
I know it's not in everyone budget and I had when I wanted a new bottle I did have to save up, but I don't regret it at all. 

RRP: £95.50 (Boots, Selfridges) 

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Friday thought: Feminism. 

Over the past week I have come across feminism in most of my History Topics at University, and it got me thinking about the subject and the questions I started thinking about and what, as a women, we should be thankful to feminist's for. 
Feminism has been around for years, and Mary Wollstonecraft can arguably be known a the first feminist; with her righting of 'The Vindication of the Rights of Women'- in which she states that women should have an education due to their crucial part in society through educating the children and being companions to their husband. 
But Feminism has moved on, it's no longer about the right to vote and women's role in society (well not as much) but the equality of women and how they should have equal pay to men, not be discriminated in the work force, allowing them to have maternity pay. 

However, in the last past of the century the word Feminism has become seen as an ugly word; which I have never got my head around why- the word has almost become tarnished and if women proclaim to be feminist they expect the stereotypical look of a feminist. 
This creates the question of 'Why has the word feminist become tarnished?' Is it because of past campaigns of the 1970's and 18th century and the fact women are actually standing up to a patriarchal society and challenging their position in society; demanding more rights and this is something men don't want to share. Whatever the reason, it has started to hider the growth and awareness of future campaigns of Feminism, as seen with the He/She campaign- its a feminist campaign so why is it not called that? Yes I believe in the ideology of both men and women fighting for women's equality but can't men be called feminists? 
My recent favourite campaign ideology, in which I only came across yesterday was the AND campaign, empowering women to not just say they are one thing but instead I am a student AND a sister AND a friend AND a blogger. 
I'd love to see more campaign like this for the next wave of Feminism, especially centred around the development of women's rights in less economically developed countries in which everyone can get involved not just feminists and campaigners but politicians and the UN. 

Lastly, yes I believe I'm a feminist but only recently I have discovered this, I'm proud of the past of the suffragist movement and the 1970's women's campaign, without them I wonder what position women would live in society now and therefore I'm thankful for those women who challenged the masculine and biblical society.

This blog post is completely different to anything I've done and I do hope you like it, its not as light hearted as previous blog posts but even if it inspires 1 person to look at Feminism in a different light I'll be happy.

Hope you have a good day, Happy Friday! 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Food: Homemade meatballs and Spaghetti. 

Another food post- I seem to be loving my food recently!!! This is one of my favourite meals I like to make for my family, and was probably the first meal I made on my own and completely from scratch (such a chef!) Ever since I was a child, I have loved cooking and recently started being a bit more adventurous, although this probably isn't the most adventurous meal; however it is fairly easy to make and quick so thats a bonus. 
I loving making food from scratch as I then know exactly what is in it, and can always put the best fresh ingredients in to the recipe to get the best flavours and make it as nutritious and healthy as possible. 
This recipe came from a Comfort Food Cookbook, and consist of fresh basil, glaric, onions, parsley. 
I love cooking Italian food, as its probably the only thing the whole family eats (as we are all fussy in our own special way) But nonetheless it is a very yummy dish to make,and usually theres too much for all of us to eat, so I freeze half of the food to have another day; basically getting 2 meals out of one recipe. 

The Sauce: 
2X 400g of Tinned Tomatoes 
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
3 garlic gloves (although I have learnt to just put 2 in) 
1 large onion
 Fresh basil 
250g of beef mince
25g of parmesan 
2 eggs 
100g of breadcrumbs  
10g of chopped parsley 
3 tablespoons of extra virgin Olive oil.  

1)Added the tinned tomatoes, extra virgin oil, chopped up garlic gloves and onion into a saucepan and simmer for 40 minutes. 
2) Add all the meatball ingredients together and stir together with a wooden spoon, create the meats balls into walnut size balls and cook for 10 minutes and then turn over and cook for another 8 minutes in 180 degree oven temperature. 
3)Boil your pasta for however long you usually do (I had fresh pasta- so it only took 5 minutes) and then it should all be complete! 

The Sauce- after all ingrediants are added

The meatball 'mixture' 

The meatballs

The finish product (I did try and make it look pretty!)
Hope you had a good day!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fashion: Long waistcoats.

Over the past couple of months in shops I have seen quite a lot of these long waistcoats (I think thats what they called!) and have become slightly obsessed with wearing them. The one reason I really like wearing them is because they go with everything- dresses, jeans, skirts, trousers and its just a simple way to make your outfit more trendy (god I hate that word!)
Anyway, I have particularly seen them in Topshop and Zara in which they come in all different colours and styles; but are mainly have a collar. I think they can make an outfit look really smart and quirky and they are an extra layer of clothing (which is a bonus in this UK unpredictable weather!)
Below is one of my waistcoats in an outfit I wore the other day, but trust me, I literally wear this waistcoat with anything, I don't know why I love it so much! 

Long waistcoat-: Topshop
Skirt -: Topshop
Top -: Topshop 
Hat-: Miss Selfridge  
(I didn't plan this to be an all Topshop Outfit!) 

Hope you have a good day 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Food: Porridge

I absolutely love breakfast, it is my favourite meal of the day; no idea why!! 
My favourite thing to have for breakfast especially in the colder months is porridge topped with fruit. 
It not only warms me up by also keeps me full for most of the day, and when travelling around London all day everyday, I don't like lugging around loads of food.
I have found the best results for a creamy porridge is soaking the oats and water overnight and then in the morning adding the milk.

1)Half a cup of porridge oats
2)Half a cup of water
3) Half a cup of milk (this time I used almond milk- New Obsession!!) 
4)Then top with the fruit of your choice I usually like Banana, blueberries, raspberries, grapes. 

Method: 1) Measure out half a cup of oats and half a cup of water and soak in a saucepan, covered up overnight- I usually put a plate over the top. 
2) In the morning, measure out half a cup of milk (of your choice) and pour into the saucepan with the oats and water. 
3) Put the stove on a low heat and gently stir. 
4) Cut up your fruit in preparation while your porridge continues to heat up (stop occasionally to stir the porridge) 
5)Once the porridge starts to come together to form a thicker mixture, and there is heat coming off it, then take it off the heat. 

Serve in a bowl with your fruit on top and then enjoy! 

Hope you have a lovely day 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Beauty: Essie Nail Polish.

I'm not really a make up person, to be honest I hardly wear it but I have always been into painting my nails. 
I recently brought myself a gel polish set, which at the moment I'm still undecided on weather I like it but just normal nail polish doesn't seem to fail me. I think this is because I have such tiny fingers, it is so hard to paint my nails!
My favourite brand to use is Essie Nail Polish, I always find it lasts for ages, sometimes up to a week; which is fabulous for me as I hardly have time to do my nails these days.
Over the past 2 years, once Essie started arriving in boots, I started to build up a small collection of colours. 
Below are some of my favourite colours to wear: 

Sand Tropez

In Stitches

Sole Mate (No idea why it is side ways it won't change!) 

Hope you have a good day

Sunday, 8 March 2015


Every Sunday, I spend my morning in bed relaxing and catching up on reading for University.
I am one of those people who really can't sit still for more than 5 minutes and I always like to be doing something; so Sundays are my relaxing in bed in my pyjamas time, and trying to chill out. 
Sundays to me are special as its the only day I don't do anything particular, on Saturdays I work all day and for the rest of the week I'm an University, so Sundays are sacred to me. 
Today I such a beautiful day in England, and Spring is definitely in the air, so I might revert my plan relaxing in bed to relaxing in the garden. 
One of the many things I like to do on Sunday's include looking at Youtube Videos (time goes so quickly doing that!) or spend hours browsing through Olivia Palermo Instagram, and becoming insanely jealous of her lifestyle, husband, and clothes. 

Now I should really go off and read my book.

Happy Sunday