Monday, 1 June 2015

Life: I'm Back.


Hello everyone, I'm finally back blog posting after what looks like nearly 2 months off! But as you may have known I had my exams coming up so I literally spent every hour of everyday revising and preparing for them. (Fingers crossed the results are good).
I feel like I should do a little catch up in my life, but in fact, there is nothing that interesting to talk about, expect this time in 2 weeks it will be the last 12 hours in England before I go to Australia. 

People keep asking me if I'm nervous? Excited? Scared? But if I'm being honest at the moment, I haven't really thought about the nervous side of it. Excited yes. Visiting a completely new country but going on my own, has not hit me. But I suppose I'll get those nerves on Monday 15th June!
But yes apart from that nothing really that interesting has happened in my life. I have finished my first year of university, and let me tell you that has gone super quick.  I have never experienced an academic year that has gone so quickly, and I don't know whether its because of how intense the course was or the fact a university academic year is shorter than a school one. However, it is scary to think I'm already going to be starting my second year of university very soon. 

Anyway I'm now rambling on about things.
Have a good day 

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