Sunday, 7 June 2015

Things I want to do this Summer:

Well Summer officially started for me around 2 weeks ago and it got me thinking about the things I would like to achieve this summer whether its a personal goal or even just an activity that makes me feel happy.  As I'm in University I only really have 2/3 more summers left of around 2 months off so I thought it is probably best to go out with amazing memories which I can cherish once I enter the really world of working throughout the months of July and August. 
Therefore, I have 10 things I would like to do this summer. 

1) Go on a road trip. This is something I wish I have done more over the past 2 years (well since I past my driving test). I think being in the same place sometimes can get very consuming, and therefore that is why I vow to try and take more road trips with friends to explore places, even if you are just visiting your favourite place such as Brighton or Cambridge. It is fun to go somewhere with your friends. 

2) Go on a picnic. Everyone knows my love for picnics  ever since I was a child I have loved them. They constantly remind me of my childhood and the summertime and every year they are on my list of things to do during the summer. Lazing in the afternoon Sun with strawberries is probably one of the most summery things for me. 

3) Switch off from the world. Due to the constant overload of information we get know days from Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, we never really switch off as people. Therefore, I thought this summer I would build in 'ME time' where I'm away from my phone, my laptop and anything with information and just do something for me. I think its important to just reflect by yourself and during Summer it can bring a piece of mind. 

4) Take more bike rides. I love a bike ride, especially considering I can go cycling along my the river and on a nice day it is perfect. I would love this Summer to go on a bike ride once a week, and just enjoy being outside in Nature and getting exercise too! 

5) Explore more cooking ways. I'm a massive foodie! I love trying new foods and exploring new dishes however my family are by far the fussiest family I know. So this Summer I want to explore new foods I have never tried and push my cooking skills. I think Summer is the best time to do this as you have enough time on your hands. 

6) Read 5 books in the 3 months. This past year at university as made me realise I not only have not put enough time in my day to read for enjoyment but I have also forgot what it is like to read for just enjoyment. Therefore I still have 5 books on my pile from last summer that I never got round to read and so I would finally like to read their story.  

7) Post my travels on my blog. If you read my first ever blog post, you will know I'm about to travel to Australia for the first time on my own and would love to document my story not only for the Internet to see but also for me. As later in my life I can look back on my Australian trip with a digital diary of all the little things that pictures or videos can't explain. 

8) Learn to say YES and be free. I'm a very anxious person, and like to be super organised in my day and if things don't plan out or someone asks me to do something different to what is planned in my day I start to worry and get anxious. However, this summer I would like to try and overcome it, I know you can't do something like that in just one swoop but simple things like saying Yes when everyone wants to go out after a meal instead of being the only person to go home is something I would like to try and do. In other words, I want to be more free and not think about the teeny tiny consequences. 

9)  Learn yoga. I have always admired people who do Yoga it not only looks so relaxing but is something that can detoxify your body. Therefore I would really like to explore it and see if I can grasp it a little over summer. 

10) Be creative- start a hobby. I was not a creative person at school whatsoever, I never really understood Art Class or Drama Class, but I would like to start a creative hobby such as Photography, which hopefully will happen over the Summer on my travels. I suppose practice makes perfect when it comes to it but it looks like an art that once grasped is a brilliant skill to have. 

Do you have a list for the Summer? 
Kelly xox

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