Sunday, 27 September 2015

Book| Madeline Shaw- 'Get the Glow'.

So recently I have become obsessed with cooking, I have literally spent everyday making something new in the kitchen- most of which were successes and some not so much.
However I have discovered a little gem of a book- 'Madeline Shaw's Get the Glow'. I've always been intrigued by healthy food and ways to make it exciting in my everyday food instead of boring salads. Over the past year there has been a surge in healthy eating blogs, writers, you tubers and I have become fascinated by all of them especially Madeline Shaw and Deliciously Ella.
I think these two stick out for me the most, as they both hardly use any special ingredients and all ingredients can easily be found in my local Sainsburys.
Therefore I decided to treat myself to Madeline Shaw's book, which had- pardon the pun, glowing reviews online.
I have tried around 4 or 5 of the recipes from the book, which is hardly enough of the recipes within the book.
However, I did try a little gem- Turkey Meatballs. These are divine, something about them is so full of flavour. I did make them with pasta both times as my family weren't brave enough to try the courgette.
I also made the Orange and Pomegranate Chicken, which was also divine and full of flavour. This one I was a little hesitant about due to the odd flavour combination- but the sweet crunch at the end was perfect.
All in all I have found this book to be perfectly useful in my entrance to a more healthier lifestyle.

But it did make me think, that this book has inspired me into something new- which makes me realise how odd it is that one thing can change your lifestyle in the smallest way.

                                                              Love Kelly xox

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