Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Re- Introduction.

Well hello again, it’s been a while and for that matter I feel like I should probably reintroduce myself onto my own blog (weird!).
Over the course of these past 3 months, little old me has travelled nearly 9,000 miles across the world to Australia on her own- creating the first chapter in my Travel Adventures.
However, as much as I planned to blog every day and document my trip, I was having too much of an experience to even think about taking the time to blog everyday- so I shall post below what I got up too in detail/ pictures.
However, Australia wasn’t just an experience of a lifetime, it taught be valuable lesson that has helped to shape my personality.
One of the many questions I got asked before I embarked on this trip, was, ‘Are you going to find yourself?’ and in my usual dismissive nature I snorted of course not- as at the time, I was very apprehensive about self-enlightenment. As I’m sure you would have guessed that did very much change, and it wasn’t till arrived back home after nearly 6 weeks out of the UK that I fully realised this. Australia taught me a number of things:

*Nature is beautiful:  I have always enjoyed bike rides and walking along the sea front on days out. But this appreciation for nature and people has stepped up a notch since my trip. I think people spend too much time looking at a screen and not enough time appreciating the scenery and the amazing world we live in. Considering I didn’t have my phone out while I was away, I learnt how to look up and appreciate the scenery. Australia is an active country so therefore I got into going on long walks and sitting down at a bench and watching the world go by.

*Worry less: I am, and have always been, the biggest worrier you could ever meet. I get worked up about the tiniest of things creating a problem that wasn’t even there to begin with.  Now many people, were shocked to learn I was going 9,000 miles away on my own. However, the big adventure has done me well. I learnt to do things on my own that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do and in fact understood there’s more to worry about than not being at the train station 15 minutes earlier. 

*The World is huge: One of the best pieces of advice I would give to anyone (even friends) is get out of your hometown even if its for a weekend and even do it on your own.  I learnt a lot more about myself when I was not surround by the influence and natures of the people I had spent 19 years of my life with- you got to do something of your own interest. Speak to new people with different ideas and different stories. I met the loveliest elderly German gentleman called Otto, who was a young child during WW2 and hearing his stories were fascinating. However, I also learnt that in fact the world does not revolve around your hometown and there’s far more important places in the world. Travelling to Australia taught me the world is huge, it gave me a thirst for experiencing new places and an insight into how naive I was just focusing my life around the small area I call home.

*Happiness starts within:  Now one thing I would say has changed is my outlook on life. I do very much believe in a healthy lifestyle and Australia is very much a healthy country, I had a freshly squeezed juice everyday. Anywhere I turned I could buy healthy banana bread- it’s a country full of the fresh fabulous food. Creating me into the biggest healthy foodie ever since and something I’m slowly learning. But also happiness is about doing something you love. Life is too short to be stuck under a cloud where you aren’t happy or are just plodding along. Life is about experiences and activities. If you love something you should do it, be enthusiastic. The World is well and truly your oyster if you believe in yourself.

*Peaceful Mind: Now if you read my ‘Summer Bucket List’ you’ll remember I wanted to try out Yoga. Well I very much succeeded in that and try and give myself half an hour a day of Yoga- my favourite Yoga tutorial ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on You Tube, I found it really easy to follow her and she even has a 30 day Yoga playlist which was brilliant to easy yourself into Yoga. But it gave me a peace of mind. I never really understood it. But honestly its my new found favourite thing to do. When its nice weather I even complete my yoga session in the garden with the birds tweeting, bringing a whole new calm vibe. Yoga has made me connect with my body and own internal emotions and I think that’s partly the reason I have learnt to love myself and be chill just like the majority of Australian seem to be!

So on that note, Hello my name is Kelly. I’m 19 and a history student in London. I love healthy food, books, and clothes and have a passion now for travelling. I’m a newbie to Yoga and very much am a peaceful life enthusiast.

                                                So lets start this new journey.
                                              A life of happiness is worth living

                                                            Love Kelly


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