Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Beauty: Seventeen Lipstick- Colour BON BON.

I recently purchased a lipstick (see my Cambridge post) and spent the whole day yesterday wearing it. I have come to the conclusion it is probably the best non red lipstick I own. 
It is such a natural colour, very moisturising and so easy to apply that I think it will quite easily become my everyday lipstick. 

*Colour 4/5
Literally, this lipstick is the perfect colour for me, it suits my skin tone so well. As I have fair skin and dark hair, I always feel like I have trouble finding a lipstick that I can wear on a day to day basis, that suits my skin tone. Well I believe I have literally just found it. Its not too dark for everyday for me but again not to light so my lips are still visible amongst my face!!  

*Price    5/5
This lipstick in Boots, was £4.65, which I think is fairly good for a lipstick (and a perk for me if I use it everyday and run out quickly) Compared to all my other lipsticks which around about £2 more, it is the cheapest of my lipsticks. But the quality is just the same. 

*Application 5/5
Maybe because I'm so used to applying red lipstick (which is an art in itself) this lipstick was super easy to apply, and anything that was messy you could easily clear up with your finger and it would not smudge. I applied this lipstick both with carmex underneath and without, and to be honest the lipstick was so moisturising that I think from now on I don't need the carmex underneath, as it does the job on its own. 

*Lasting 5/5 
It lasted me the whole day, and obviously I just touched up after I had my lunch, but other than that it did not seem to wear quickly or loose its shine. This could be because it is a lighter colour and therefore harder to spot when the lipstick starts to fade, but nonetheless, there was no really aggro with this lipstick. 

*Packaging 4/5 
I think the packaging for this lipstick, is fairly nice, its just a simple silver mirrored case. This makes the lipstick look a little bit more expensive than it actually is but over all the case suits the lipstick fairly well. 

Have you tried any new lipsticks recently?
Have a good day 

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