Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Life: Bike Rides

Good afternoon, I'm in a surprisingly happy mood today; the sun is shining and it is 24 degrees in England which is super hot for this time of year. 
So today me and my family decided to go on a bike ride along the river, and stop over and have a picnic with homemade tea and cake- picture perfect english day. 
Everything about bikes rides I love especially, along the river; as everyone says hello or smiles and it just makes you feel so cheery. 
The path along the river wasn't that busy therefore it was a lot easier to cycle as you did not have to constantly worry about people being all around. 
I think bike rides are a great source of exercise as being in the outdoors it doesn't feel like your are doing any vicarious cardio (unless you travel up the hill that is!)
But I think bike rides are brilliant for clearing your mind, you can just cycle along and look out at the river with the swans and ducks guiding along, almost tranquil in a way.

Ps. I did try and video and then edit, but I got too impatient because it didn't work- I should probably practice that before I go to Australia. 

I hope you had a great day

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