Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Outfit of the Day: 

Hello everyone, 
Today in the UK it is another lovely day, so I thought I'd share my spring inspired outfit with you all. 
I love spring as I get to wear pretty dresses and sandals, and actually feel girly for once!
Apparently tomorrow's wear is not so optimistic and it will be cloudy and cold, so I better make the most of this outfit today. 
The dress I'm wearing is thick enough to be a spring dress and it is such a flattering shape, and is something that can be worn every years as the shape definitely won't go out of style.

Dress-: Miss Selfridge
Sandles -: Bertie (John Lewis)

Ps: I found it so hard to get pictures like this! No one was round to take a photo for me.
Have a lovely day 

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