Thursday, 16 April 2015

Food: Breakfast-Poached egg. 

Good evening everyone, I just thought I share my breakfast I had today. As you know I usually go for a porridge, but if I'm being honest I have recently got bored of it, I think it's because it came my staple breakfast throughout winter having it 4 days a week. Its now time to venture out.
So instead I had poached egg on brown toast with a side of fruit. 
It was very delicious and kept me full until lunch time, I usually have 2 poached eggs but I ran over of eggs for that this morning (sigh!)
I think having fruit of strawberries (love how they are back in season), raspberries and grapes was a perfect little touch to the dish. 
I have found if I don't have some sort of fruit in the morning I feel like my breakfast is not fresh and new.

Hope you had a lovely day

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