Thursday, 5 March 2015

Books: World Book Day. 

As it is 'World Book Day' today, it inspired me to think about my favourite books over the many years of reading. 
As an adult now, it always saddens me to see how little children read these days and the fact they'd rather watch TV or play games instead. Over the years of my childhood and teenage years, books have been my 'get away' from reality and let my imagination run wild; and therefore I thoroughly enjoy the time of day when I curl up reading a book. Now since starting University in September, my eyes have been open to a wide range of books from fiction to non fiction, and although some of them have been boring; my taste in books has changed a lot in the last couple of months. It is so hard trying to decide what my most enjoyable or favourite books over the years have been but I'm going to narrow it to the top 5 (or try too!) 

1) The Harry Potter Series, by J.K Rowling (okay I know this isn't a single book, but it would complete the list if I did it individually). 
I have loved Harry Potter ever since the age of about 10, and was so excited about the books and the films, I would even admit I was on the verge of being obsessed with Harry Potter. Therefore, this had to contribute in my top 5. Ever since the age of 10, I have read Harry Potter every year on my holiday without fail, and it is still the best series I have ever read. 

2) The Bloody Chamber, by Angela Carter. 
I studied this book as part of my English Literature A-level class, and although its not the most uplifting book to read, Angela Carter's adaptation of fairy tales to a more adult content is very clever. Therefore, once finishing A-levels, I liked studying this book and almost admired it in the story and message the author was trying to portray. 

3) Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte. 
I haven't read this book for a while but nonetheless one of the best books; it gives a close insight into religious, social class, gender inequality during the Victorian Period. If you like dark books which are centre around jealousy and vengeance then this book is great. The dark nature and the way it was written creates the most amazing imagery for the read. I really must read it again! 

4) Fatherland, Robert Harris.
For History lovers, this book has stuck with me ever since I have read it and whenever I studied Nazi Germany I would also recommend this book; this is an excellent book. Set in a world in which the Nazi's won WW2, it is the journey of the main character's is investigating a murder of Nazi Government official and unearths a plot for Germany to gain better political relationship with America. Its a unique book written in a unique perspective. 

5) The Perks of being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky 
I read this book during a big transition in school and therefore the reason its in my top 5, is because it is very much relatable to any teenager, come of age. It isn't the average teenage book and deals with simple characters that are easy to relate too which I think is what makes it so special.  This book gave me a new perspective on life, and the progress of the main character, 'Charlie' is heartfelt. It is one of those books that I really got stuck into and almost feel like reading it again now! 

Hope you had a good day and what's your favourite book? 

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