Monday, 9 March 2015

Beauty: Essie Nail Polish.

I'm not really a make up person, to be honest I hardly wear it but I have always been into painting my nails. 
I recently brought myself a gel polish set, which at the moment I'm still undecided on weather I like it but just normal nail polish doesn't seem to fail me. I think this is because I have such tiny fingers, it is so hard to paint my nails!
My favourite brand to use is Essie Nail Polish, I always find it lasts for ages, sometimes up to a week; which is fabulous for me as I hardly have time to do my nails these days.
Over the past 2 years, once Essie started arriving in boots, I started to build up a small collection of colours. 
Below are some of my favourite colours to wear: 

Sand Tropez

In Stitches

Sole Mate (No idea why it is side ways it won't change!) 

Hope you have a good day


  1. I love Sole Mate, I always wear it in the autumn/winter as it looks beautiful with oranges/reds! I really enjoyed reading your blog - keep it going.
    Chloe x
    My Blog <3

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  3. Its such a lovely winter colour, I'm the same as you always wear it in the winter,
    Aww thank you Chloe, that makes me so happy!
    Kelly x