Sunday, 22 March 2015

Baking: Tanya Burr's White Chocolate cookies. 

I love baking on a Sunday and today I made Tanya Burr's cookies (minus the milk chocolate) However, even though they were so so so good, they came out so big!! But nonetheless it doesn't matter what they look like its the taste that is important.
They were meant to be milk and white chocolate cookies, but I didn't have any milk chocolate at home so I thought I'd just do all white! 
However, instead of doing 200g of White chocolate and 200g of milk I just did 200g of White on its own, as I found that 400g of white chocolate might be a little sickly.
Altogether though, they were such nice cookies, and the perfect Sunday treat, however I do feel like I should go for a run or something now!! 
I would also say, make the cookies half the size of the photo below, because mine came out MASSIVE, which is a good thing but means they go so quickly!! 

1)200g of butter
2) 300g of caster sugar
3) 1 Egg
4)325g of self raising flour
5) Milk (I added it, but only a teeny tiny amount if the mixture looks dry)
6)200g of white chocolate

I added the video from Youtube, which shows Tanya baking the cookies. 

Have a good day 

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