Friday, 6 March 2015

Food: Healthy eating. 

I have always been a healthier eater, I just prefer eating fruit to a packet of sweets- strawberries are so much nicer. 
But recently, for some unknown reason, I have been eating a lot more healthy food and really putting care into my dinner choices. 
Therefore, I thought I'd share my very simple (I mean 3 ingredients) smoothie. 
Over the past 2 days, I have had real trouble eating, believing it to be caused by my wisdom teeth coming through (ouch!)- it has left me with a swollen jaw and pain. 
So I have literally been living off of smoothies, and my favourite one is a raspberry, banana and almond milk one. 

It's a really simple method of putting all the ingredients into a blender.
I usually cut up the banana first, chuck in the frozen raspberries. 
Then, for the almond milk, usually about half of the height of the ingredients is fine for me but the Almond milk depends on how thick you like your smoothie to be. 
In the pictures it doesn't look that appetising but I suppose how you make a simple smoothie look good? But I do promise it tastes so good!! The think I like about it, it's so simple to make, even if you are in a  rush. 

-:2 hand fulls of frozen raspberries
-: 1 banana 
-: Almond milk (to taste) 

I hope you enjoy, and have a happy Friday!


  1. i will have to try this soon

    1. Please do; tell me what you think aswell!!
      So simple to make!

      Thank you for reading my blog!