Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Food: Porridge

I absolutely love breakfast, it is my favourite meal of the day; no idea why!! 
My favourite thing to have for breakfast especially in the colder months is porridge topped with fruit. 
It not only warms me up by also keeps me full for most of the day, and when travelling around London all day everyday, I don't like lugging around loads of food.
I have found the best results for a creamy porridge is soaking the oats and water overnight and then in the morning adding the milk.

1)Half a cup of porridge oats
2)Half a cup of water
3) Half a cup of milk (this time I used almond milk- New Obsession!!) 
4)Then top with the fruit of your choice I usually like Banana, blueberries, raspberries, grapes. 

Method: 1) Measure out half a cup of oats and half a cup of water and soak in a saucepan, covered up overnight- I usually put a plate over the top. 
2) In the morning, measure out half a cup of milk (of your choice) and pour into the saucepan with the oats and water. 
3) Put the stove on a low heat and gently stir. 
4) Cut up your fruit in preparation while your porridge continues to heat up (stop occasionally to stir the porridge) 
5)Once the porridge starts to come together to form a thicker mixture, and there is heat coming off it, then take it off the heat. 

Serve in a bowl with your fruit on top and then enjoy! 

Hope you have a lovely day 

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