Monday, 16 March 2015

Monday: 5 things little things 'pick me up'.

Whenever I am feeling a little down I have 5  little things that really 'pick me up' and make me feel a little better; I don't have to do all of them but just one gives me a little bit of pleasure and I thoroughly enjoy to it. I think it is always the small things in life which are best for you and below are 5 of my favourite activities or things when I'm not feeling my usual happy self.

1) Fresh flowers- especially Tulips!
I ADORE fresh flowers, I always think they are so pretty and always make my room feel fresh and extra nice. I especially love them round this time of the year as they make me get into the Spring mood. But for me, there is nothing like fresh flowers putting them in a vase and just look at them. I have always loved Tulips and just think they are the most gorgeous flower, definitely my favourite! 

2) Baths. 
If I ever just want to relax after having a bad day or if I'm just not feeling myself a bath instantly relaxes me and makes me feel refreshed. I love lighting a candle, putting my favourite smell of bubble bath in, relaxing music and just soaking up the bath. It is perfect for me to just get away from the world and it just a super quick way for me to instantly feel a little better.  

3) Reading.
As you already know, I have a love for reading and this instantly is a pick up for me as it just gets me away from reality in which I can enjoy living in an imaginary world. I find it a relaxing thing to do, and if I just sit back and read an easy light hearted book, I usually feel a lot better after. 

4) Bike Rides.
Now for a very long time, I have always loved bike riding, especially in the summer. It is something me and my friend do every weekend in the Spring and Summer, it great for catch ups as well as just some light exercise. But its a brilliant pick me up, especially when its blue sky and I'm cycling around the lakes and along the river; being with nature is just therapeutic. 

Last but by no means least, baking. Since I was a young child I adore baking cakes, I believe I'm the next Mary Berry (which would never happen, haha!) but its something I thoroughly enjoy, I like to bake new and exciting things and without fail baking will always cheer me up. And not just because the end product is usually a yummy treat! 

What's your favourite thing to do when you are feeling down?
Have a good day! 

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