Thursday, 19 March 2015

Top Tips for University:

Since starting University in September, I have accumulated a number of useful methods to help me survive University and stay organised with my models so I thought I'd share my tips. I am no expert about this subject but you never know, maybe one of you will find my tips helpful for either studying at university or even for secondary school (A-levels are the worst thing ever invented!). 

1) Get a academic diary:
My academic diary is the biggest saviour to my University life, it has all of my deadlines written down and my daily to do list in which I can write down all of reading or research I need to carry out that day. It keeps me organised and therefore keeps me sane. 

2) Record the lectures: 
I have found this to be the most useful way to make sure I don't miss anything from my lecture, especially when you are focusing on writing the last point down, I completely zone out! I therefore re listen to my lecture later when I am copying up my notes on to my laptop so I can then add anything I have missed in. 

3) Find the best place for you to study:
For me I love to sit in the libraries to do my work, I'm a bit of a library worm I would literally spend all day everyday in there. However, that isn't for some people, if you prefer to sit in a coffee shop or do it in your room then that is up to you. It is what works for you and what helps you concentrate. 

4) Use a different note pad for each module:
Now for me, I write up lecture notes and then copy them up to my laptop, I know its more time consuming but it works best for me and makes me remember them better. Therefore, for each module I have a different note pad so I can keep everything separate, and its more organised.  

6) Have a stable bag, such as a backpack or satchel:
I think this one is important if you commute in (like me) as having to take books, notepads, food, and other stationary in everyday requires a stable bag. I have a satchel Tom Brown's backpack one, and this fits all of my notepads and books in for the day, as well as being very cute! But having a stable backpack is essential you don't want your bag breaking half way through the day. 

7) Keep up to date with out many books you have taken out the library:
I ALWAYS get a receipt from the library on the books I have taken out, as they say when they are due back. I pins these up on my desk so I'm fully aware of when I need to get either take books back or renew them. This way it stops me from paying fines due to overdue books and therefore is a lot better way to stay organised. 

8)Always be aware of your deadlines, and start your reading for research with plenty of time 
My deadlines for essays are written down in my planner, calendar and phone calendar so I literally cannot forget about them. This means I'm always fully aware of when my deadlines are so I can start preparing as soon as possible and don't have to rush it.

9) Upload your essay at least 1 day before the deadline
Now for some people this might seem crazy, but for some one like me who always worries this is essential. By uploading my essay a day before, I know it has been sent off and its done; lifting a weight off my shoulders and means the system isn't slow when everyone else is trying to upload theirs on the day. Its also a precaution incase the wifi is down, if its done its done I don't have to worry. 

10) Just have fun- don't be like (I haven't overcome my shyness and just sit on my own) 
This is probably one of the most important, as because I'm so shy I have found it hard to make friends and socialise, and this is weird for me as I'm actually a really chatty person when I'm comfortable around you. Therefore, don't do what I did and sit in the corner on the first couple of weeks at uni, get up and go and socialise. Because now, well it feels like a lot harder to go introduce yourself to people who are in friendship groups. I have become fully focused on the academic side of it and not the sociable side of it, which I'll probably regret later. 

Hope you have a good day 

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