Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I'm new to this...

Hello- an Introduction.  

Well ever since the age of 16, I have had this draft copy for a blog opening; and now (with a few adjustments) I have finally decided to created a blog. 
My name is Kelly and I'm 19  from the UK and a student of History in London; in which studying history is massive interest to me. 
However, I have many interests in life including books, fashion, food and travel. Therefore I decided to make a diary of my life in the eyes of a 19 year old girl. 
One of the main reasons I have finally plucked up the courage to start this blog is due to the fact I'm going travelling in Australia for 1 month in June (on my own) which is both nerve racking but exciting at the same time; and I wanted to document by adventure. 

So lets start the memoirs of Kelly!


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