Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Beauty: Red Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick. 

I thought I'd talk about my favourite red lipstick today. Red lipstick is always a staple item in my rather limited make up collection, and I think I own more red lipsticks than other make up products! But the one Red Lipstick which I always use for a more night look is the Kate Moss Number 1 Rimmel Lipstick. I find this to be the prime red lip colour, it isn't too dark, too bright, too glossy or matte and is perfect. Therefore everything I like about this lipstick, it is my favourite. 
I find it super easy to apply, and because it also moisturises the lips, it isn't too dry when I first put it on to my lips, which is always a bonus- I hate those lipsticks that feel really uncomfortable (is that weird?!) 
There is nothing I can fault about this lipstick, and I think even after writing this blog post I might venture out and wear it tomorrow in my everyday look (something daring for me!) 

I'm even thinking of buying the Kate Moss Rimmel 111, which is a slightly dark red, let me know if you have tried that. 

Have a good day 

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