Monday, 30 March 2015

 Food: Healthy Easting in the Past Week 

As you know I prefer healthy food compared to junk food, I just find it makes me feel better. Over the past week, I realised I have been eating a lot healthier than I have in the past. I think this is important, not forcing yourself to eat healthy but slowly getting into a healthy routine through by first healthy snacking then healthy breakfasts, dinners, lunches. 
I have taken pictures of everything I have eaten over the past week, but the 2 spontaneous photos are of some of the things I have been eating. 

I usually have porridge made with almond milk and topped with fresh fruit. 

Either Ryvita's, wraps or a salad (these include chicken, pepper, lettuce, cucumber) 

Salad with chicken and smoothie 
Stir fry's with chicken or just a plain vegetable one, salmon and vegetables or a pasta with a homemade sauce (freshly made) 
poached egg on my stir fry
Stir fry and quinoa 

Bevita biscuits or fruit and yoghurt. 

yoghurt and fruit

 Hope you had a good day

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